Handling the Madness

This time of year has a moniker that you may not have heard: "March Madness." Especially if you're like my daughter Miriam pictured above. She is busy playing, being crazy, coloring, fixing her dolls hair and could care less about the college basketball (which she calls football) that is on TV. In this case the term madness is a term of endearment to the exciting tournament games that come in March. But for many people madness means the stress of the kids fighting, juggling the family, work, social, church, house and yard duties and still try to have some exercise and recreation time to stay sane.

When you get adjusted in your spine, it actually helps your brain to function better through the autonomic (I call it the automatic) nervous system. Getting chiropractic adjustments helps the spine move and work better which, in turn, helps the joints of the spine send a continuous signal to your brain, charging your brain like a cell phone battery........

So for your everyday handling of stress (preventing "MAdNeSs") :

1. Move your body, especially your spine, often. (play basketball)

b. Have fun! watch basketball

III. Read, about basketball

4. Get adjusted weekly. College and NBA players get adjusted for increased performance

5. Eat veggies and fruit and drink lotsa water. eat oranges, they look like basketballs

F. Get rest (even LeBron and Curry don't play the whole game)

G. Attend to your spiritual health. (basketball shouldn't be your God, in other words don't eat, drink and sleep basketball, even though I told you to above!)

#Chiropractic #Mentalhealth

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