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Not just another Blah, blah....... Our words either give life or drain it, so I want to give LIFE through these words! Here is the encouraging challenge hitting the main catogories of health: 1. Exercise 2. Rest 3. Good Nutrition 4. Good relationships.

1. Exercise- get up RIGHT NOW, and do what your able in quick movement 10 jumping jacks, squats and push-ups if you cant do those modify to something easier like tippy toes, reach for the sky, push off wall, up and down out of chair. Do 30 of 3 different movements to get the heart and breath going a little faster! I just did it and had to take my sweater off! That's the point!

2. Rest- do or read something to make you laugh or at least smile. Laughter does your body good. That is actually "restful" for your body re-creation.

3. Good Nutrition: Drink 6 ounces of water, right now. Ah, refreshing!

4. Good Relationships: Do all things without grumbling and complaining today. Smile alot. Speak life to the younger generation today!

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