A Life Enhanced

Your life is enhanced each time you get an adjustment. Chiropractic helps you reach for your God-given potential. You get full power to all your “parts” when you get adjusted. Your power is ON! These are a few of the unusual things you could hear from Dr. B when you visit him at Smoky Mountain Chiropractic. You see, this isn’t your usual doctor’s visit, this isn’t your office, and it’s not even your average chiropractic office! We have recently made an improvement towards better health for Western Carolina. I often get asked “do you take my insurance?” The answer is: “No, we GIVE you hope, encouragement and help through chiropractic adjustments!” This is one reason why we now offer inexpensive, family friendly membership chiropractic plans. The differences between insurance and membership chiropractic is that with insurance the care is limited to conditions, limited in visit numbers, has extra non-chiropractic procedures like electrical stimulation or rehab, and extra paper work, coding that is costly and the cost is passed on to you. With membership care is unlimited, focused on health and building wellness, and is focused on the chiropractic adjustment to remove life-hindering spinal subluxations, and the billing is simplified to pass on the savings to you.

Dr. B always has the focus on building families health to encourage positive growth of the community. People are seeking practical, common sense solutions for everyday health concerns. Concentrated and caring chiropractic care is part of the answer to reaching your families God-given potential. Dr. B loves working with kids of all ages and their parents and grandparents to help them keep playing, serving, and loving well. From babies to baby-boomers, doctors to dentists, engineers to super-moms, pop stars to great grandmas. Smoky Mountain Chiropractic has always loved people and been called to help the people of the mountains enjoy life to the fullest. We’re a different place because we focus on helping you grow in your health, right from birth. All of Dr. B’s six kids, including Zeke who was born 9-1-15, have been adjusted since birth because he knows that the first problems can start from the birth process. Chiropractic kids have an unfair advantage towards health, getting the pressure off nerves to maximize the immune, hormone and growth systems.

Your body is designed to be self-healing and regulating, as long as the nerves that control it are working without interference. This is the objective of chiropractic at our Clinic! You can maximize all your efforts toward health like eating well, rest, exercise through chiropractic and a good functioning nerve system. Be alert, energized, and strong mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and physically with regular chiropractic checkups!

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